Aidtree for Businesses and Supporters

You focus on your business working on a future for you and your employees. You also do advertising and promotion, hoping the money you spend improves yourbusiness and entices people to come.

Aidtree gives you Free Advertising, access to local groups and a way to donate to local causes incorporating philanthropy with your marketing.

  • During Business Registration the cause categories the Business supports is selected. Currently only School related causes and Non-profits arelisted.
  • The business is listed under each cause that fits the categories in the surrounding zip codes.
  • Rebate-Coupons are created by answering the question, “If my client purchases $X worth of my products or services I will give $Y to be splitbetween my client and the cause they support”.
    • Example:
      • Business creates a $25 promotion with a $5 rebate-coupon supporting X cause. The user purchases the $5 rebate-coupon for $2.50.
      • User buys the rebate-coupon from Aidtree and presents it to the Business after purchasing more than $25.
      • Business redeems the rebate-coupon.
      • Business gets a client without losing money, Cause gets a contribution and the User saves dollar-for-dollar on their transaction.
  • Minimum coupon rate is $2.50 with the coupon priced at 50% face value.
  • Rebate-Coupons not used within 30 days of purchase are automatically refunded minus processing fees. This is to protect the User due to any reasonthe can not use the rebate-coupon.
  • Businesses can create a Rebate-Coupon with multiple transactions. This will help businesses with lower cost products such as drinks and food items.
  • Businesses can have more than one Coupon.
  • It is vital that the business redeem the rebate coupon as this is the only way the cause can get the contribution.

Questions and Answers:

How much does this cost?

There is no cost for this service to businesses. All we ask is that the rebate-coupon is honored at the value when it was purchased.

How do I reach the causes?

You can contact the administrators to causes inviting them to hold fundraisers at your business.

How do I redeem the coupons?

Coupons are redeemed in 2 ways. You can redeem the coupon on cell phones or enter the coupon number through the Aidtree website Redeem link.

The Apple App has a simple Redeem Button on which will be on the User’s Apple device. Just push the button, the verify button and the coupon is redeemed.

There is currently no Android App but the Android browser allows redemption of the coupon from the User’s Android Device.

If a User comes in with a paper coupon you can redeem the coupon by entering the barcode number on the, “Redeem Coupon” link on the website. Additionallythere is an, “Redeem Page” that allows the business to see all coupons issued to the business.

What if I wish to change my coupon?

You have the flexibility to change your coupon at any time. All we ask is that you honor the coupons purchased before your change.

How and when do I use the Multiple-coupon option?

The multiple-coupon option allows you to lower the price point for your customers purchasing products at your store. Because the minimum rebate-couponamount is $2.50 a business may not get uses of their rebate-coupon if the trigger amount is too high relative to the businesses purchase price (likecoffee, food and $5-$10 items).

Other benefits of the multiple-coupon promotion is, depending on your redemption criteria, your customers will come to your business more than once.