What is Aidtree?

Mission Statement: Aidtree was created with the specific purpose of helping causes and businesses at the same time. We integrate discount coupon style promotion, crowd funding and social networking in a way that revolutionizes fundraising, servicing causes that range from a worldwide to local scope.

Why do you call causes Causes?

To us a Cause is more than just the cause. It also includes the members of the cause and the business supporters. This ecosystem simplifies the contributions/commerce interaction, creating more efficient fundraising.

How does Aidtree work?

Aidtree is a crowd-funding website that is based on discount coupon purchases that go toward purchases from a supporting business. Minimum discount coupon value from a business is $2.50.

Instead of writing it all out we created a general video you can see here.

If you're a business that is interested in joining our network you can see your video here.

What are the fees?

Fees are based on the price of the coupon. Approximately 3% of the coupon price goes to payment processing.

Our fees are as follows:

Cost of CouponAidTree Fee
Less than $2.5030%
$2.50 - $7.50$0.75
More than $7.5010%

What is a Coupon Seed and how does it work?

The Coupon Seed is a method of introducing businesses to your cause and inviting them to join as a member of the Cause. Once they join they create a discount coupon, which is available for all the Cause members to purchase.

The best way to offer your Coupon Seed is to first shop or eat at the business, leaving the Coupon Seed with the Manager/Owner when you leave, showing good will as a customer.

Can I create a Cause that is not a School or Non-profit?

Currently Aidtree supports only schools and Non-profits.

Why else would I join Aidtree?

You have a direct link with your causes for scheduling and organization, rating of businesses reflecting a quality of service and product and a local business finder that allows you to search for businesses in your area that support your Cause.

How do I save money?

Businesses have the option of adding a discount over and above the discount coupon threshold.

This makes the buying power of your dollar go farther the more you purchase!

Example: XYZ Business Discount Coupon –

$2.50 discount coupon for purchase at $20 with 25% discount on all amounts over $20

Client with discount coupon makes $50 purchase:

The amount over the $20 threshold is $30.

$30 X 25% = $7.50 additional discount

Discount Coupon - $2.50

Additional Discount- $7.50

The amount paid at check out with the Discount Coupon will be: $40

Who is Aidtree?

Aidtree was founded in 2012 by Benjamin Yip, a dedicated father and husband. As of now he is the only full-time employee working on his dream to streamline the way people help causes that are most important to them.


How do I know a school or non-profit is who they claim they are?

First and foremost members of the community support these institutions. This familiarity creates a layer of protection against fraud. Aidtree, however, makes extra effort to validate these organizations, Schools and nonprofits are verifiable entities. Once a Cause request is submitted, Aidtree cross-references the information on the application using publically available websites and general search engine . The nonprofit organization or supported school is contacted to verify the following:

  • Submitting person is authorized
  • Principal/Leaders names and e-mail
  • Financial processing method

What does Aidtree do to protect its’ community?

If any information cross-referenced between the Cause application and online research conflict the application will be flagged and halted indefinitely. The application will be sent to Aidtree’s Application Resolution department where a much more stringent vetting process will take place leading to potential rejection.

Getting involved

How do I create a Cause?

Only authorized members of a cause may initiate an Cause application, enter into the fundraising agreement and direct the collection of funds. Once the application is created it is cross-referenced from information using independent searches and organization verification. The organization may be contacted to ensure information submitted is complete and accurate.


If I have more questions, what should I do?

If you have any more questions just write us at questions@aidtree.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Reporting a project

How do I report potential bad Cause?

Aidtree will do it’s best to ensure there is no fraudulent activity on our site. Unfortunately we can’t block everything.

The best way to not fall for illegal activity is to support only the causes you know. Aidtree focuses on bringing local businesses to local causes. It is best to support causes local to you or causes local to someone you trust.

If you find a Cause that you find may be suspect we encourage you to immediately send an e-mail to us at QuestionableTree@aidtree.com. Be sure to include the Cause name as well as your name and your contact information including phone number. We will not inspect the Cause unless complete information is provided.

Aidtree App

What are the OS/device requirements for the Aidtree app?

The Aidtree app requires iOS 7.0 or later. It's compatible with the iPhone OS only at this time.

Where can I download the Aidtree app?

You can get Aidtree for iPhone right here.

Can open a Cause from my Phone?

Sorry, but it's currently not possible to start a Cause from the phone.

What is the Redeem Discount Coupon on the App?

This is used for businesses to verify a Discount Coupon when it is redeemed. Please don’t use it or your Discount Coupon will be voided.

If Your New To Aidtree and are under 18

  • Security
    • You have to be 14 or older to join.
    • Use an Alias to protect your Name.
    • Go with your parent or guardian to hand out Coupon Seeds.
  • Respect “No Solicitation” Signs.
  • Talk to your Teacher about Aidtree.

Aidtree Changes

Aidtree is still a new website and we are working hard to upgrade the experience. Please be patient and contact us at Questions@aidtree.com.