How do businesses join Aidtree?

An authorized store employee first needs to sign-up a individual account. They then can create a new business listing. They can start the process here.

How does a coupon work and how do I make one?

The Aidtree coupon is unique as it serves a both as a fundraising tool for causes as well as a source of savings for your customers.

The process of creating a coupon is simple but takes a bit of thought. We use the acronym S.H.A.R.E to give you the steps to support causes.

S – Sale: Consider the threshold dollar amount of a sale that you would like a customer to spend before they can receive a discount. (Ex: The coupon works once a purchase of $25 or more is made.)

H – Help: How much you will help the customer and the cause once your “Sale” amount is reached. (Ex: Once $25 or more is spent, you give a discount of $5.) The minimum amount of a coupon price is $2.50.

A – Account: You have decided your coupon concept and can now post it on Aidtree. Create a individual account and login at Go to the Aidtree home page.

R – Register: To register your business on Aidtree, click on the sandwich menu icon Hamburger icon in the top left corner of the home page. Click on “Register My Business” and fill out the necessary information.

  • You are creating your business presence on Aidtree, so add your logo and menu if you have one.
  • Key words will help optimize search results. Users will be able to see your description of your business.
  • Select the category of causes you will support, such as non-profit and school organizations. This will enable the supporters of that category to go to your business and raise money for their cause while doing a transaction.
  • These are the only types of causes on Aidtree and your business will list under each cause that is in the category your select.
  • After registration, go to “Coupon Creation” via the link or on the your business home page (under click on ”Settings/Businesses and Causes” and then the appropriate link under “Businesses You Control.” Create a coupon on your business home page and fill in your coupon info. Don’t forget to add criteria for coupon use.

Coupon form

E – Email: Once the coupon is created, your business is added to the monthly email that is sent out to all the cause supporters using Aidtree. Your business can also be followed and promoted by the users.

Coupons are sold to the cause supporter for 50% of its face value. After the sale, the coupon is redeemed and the donation is given to the cause.

What types of coupons are there?

There are currently two different types of coupons: regular coupons and sub-coupons. Regular coupons are redeemed for only one transaction. Sub-coupons are used by businesses that have lower price-point products (like drinks or snacks) to create a coupon book with several of the same coupon. An example of this would be a booklet of five $1 coupons, each to be used on a $4 purchase. The value to the consumer of the entire sub-coupon book is $5, and because coupons are purchased at 50% of face value, the book would be sold for $2.50.

How long do coupons last?

Coupons are redeemable within 30 days of purchase. After expiration, the buyer will receive a 100% refund. Users can also seek a 100% refund on coupon purchases at any time prior to the 30-day limit.

Can I edit a coupon?

You can edit the coupon at any time. We do ask that you honor coupons purchased before the change. The “Edit” link can be found on the business home page.

How do I redeem a coupon for a supporter?

Coupons can only be redeemed on mobile devices. There are no paper coupons. A buyer’s purchased coupons are listed under the My Coupons tab. To redeem the coupon, click “Redeem” and then “Verify.” Make sure the supporter purchases more than the minimum amount required to use the coupon and that none of the coupon limitations are violated. If a supporter purchases an incorrect coupon, have them return it and purchase the correct one.

How do I reach out to the supporters of causes to come to my business?

You can contact cause administrators though Aidtree, allowing you to invite them to hold events at your business and inform them of your services. Cause supporters will also be made aware of your business, as you will be listed on the Aidtree site.

How much does it cost to be on Aidtree?

Aidtree is free. All we ask is that you honor the coupons that you list for your organization, including coupons posted prior to changes you make. Coupons expire after 30 days, so even if you do make edits to your coupon, you won’t have to worry about having coupons of different prices for very long.

Do I get a tax write-off for people using my coupon?

Discounts you give via coupons can be written off as an advertising expense, not a tax write-off.