How do I sign up as a cause?

To register a cause, you must first sign up as an individual. After doing so, you can register a cause as long as you have authorization to do funding on Aidtree. Instructions on how to register a cause can be seen here.

How is the coupon purchase turned to money for my cause?

The amount given to the cause from each purchase is based on the coupon value:

  • Coupons with a value of less than $2.50: 70% is donated
  • Coupons with a price of between $2.50 and $7.50: The coupon price minus $0.75 is donated
  • Coupons with a value of greater than $7.50: 90% is donated

What is the cost to be on Aidtree?

Use of Aidtree is free for both causes and businesses.

How is my cause promoted to my supporters?

A cause’s leadership team is responsible for promoting Aidtree to their supporters in order to encourage and grow donations. In addition, Aidtree management sends a monthly e-mail to the supporters of a specific cause, reminding them to make a purchase using the Aidtree platform.

How long will it take for my organization to be verified and get listed on Aidtree?

Once your organization has submitted its request to join Aidtree, will use its’ best efforts to research the validity of the cause and the supporter’s authority to register. Thereafter the cause is added.

I have a CSUF club/organization. How do I sign up?

You must have permission as an officer of the club or organization, as well as your 4-digit ASI on-campus account number. Create your individual account and then Register a Cause. When your register your cause select the drop down list and select CSUF as your Institution Account and enter the ASI number. You can start here.

Why is there a lag time between sign up and seeing my cause on the Aidtree site?

Aidtree goes through a verification process to ensure that the organization and supporter creating the account are valid. This creates a slight delay.

Aidtree uses its’ best efforts to verify that the organization and supporter creating the account are valid, sometimes creating a slight delay.

Can I have more than one person access the management of my organization account?

Yes, you can add co-managers to your account to monitor the flow of funds to your organization. All co-managers must first join Aidtree and support the cause that they wish to co-manage. The organization’s Administrator then adds each person’s e-mail address to the co-management list. A link is added to the cause home page and they can access the cause information.

Where is the administration for the cause account?

When signed into your account, click the the sandwich menu icon Hamburger icon on the left side of the Aidtree home page. Then select the “Settings/Businesses and Causes” option. There you can find the controls for the causes and/or businesses that you manage.

How do I transfer control of the account once a new leader takes over?

The administrative change can be done under the “Settings/Businesses and Causes” option in the menu bar when signed in. Click on the avatar of the cause you control. Then, click on “Admin Control” at the top of your case page. You can then enter the e-mail of the new manager of the cause. Make sure the new administrator for the cause has signed up on Aidtree and has clicked that they support your cause.

What if a cause is part of a larger organization like a school?

Some causes, like schools, have sub-groups such as clubs. Each of these organizations fundraises for itself but must abide by the rules of the larger group that oversees them. Aidtree allows the sub-groups to raise money and donate under the main cause umbrella. The main cause registers as an Institutional Cause. Then the sub-groups request the ability to create a fundraising account under the main cause. The main cause has 100% control over the sub-group and can track the funds for each sub-group as it enters the main cause’s bank account.