What is Aidtree?

Aidtree is an online platform where coupons are available for purchase at discounted prices. 70-90% of the money spent on each coupon is given to a cause that the buyer supports.

How does Aidtree work?

After you create an account, you decide which cause or causes you’d like to support. Then, you can view the listed businesses offering coupons for sale under your cause of choice. After buying a coupon online, go to the business and use the discount. Once your purchase is made, the majority of the funds are sent to your cause. You save money and donate to a good cause at the same time.

When I first go to Aidtree, why does the pop-up ask for my location?

Aidtree finds businesses and causes near you using your ZIP code. You may not see any causes listed if you are not in an area where there are Aidtree causes nearby.

Where can I see a sample of Aidtree if I’m not near an Aidtree cause or business?

When the pop-up message appears, there is a link that allows you to see an example of what coupons are available on Aidtree.

How do I start raising money for my non-profit or school organization with Aidtree?

Causes can raise money by registering on the Aidtree platform. Supporters then sign up and purchase discount coupons to local businesses, which then provides the funds to be sent to causes. In order to raise more money for your organization, you can share Aidtree on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter after signing up.

How do I know if my local businesses are on Aidtree?

You can check if businesses near you are listed on Aidtree using your ZIP code. Aidtree currently has a focus on California State University, Fullerton the causes and businesses in the surrounding area. Aidtree is a new start-up and doesn’t yet have widespread geographic presence. However, as Aidtree expands, more coupons for local businesses will become available and there will be a greater number of causes to support.

How do the businesses appear on Aidtree?

Aidtree reaches out to businesses and registers those that would like to support causes. In addition, businesses can register themselves on Aidtree by following provided instructions.

Are coupons are only for brick and mortar businesses?

Aidtree coupons are currently only available for brick-and-mortar businesses. Aidtree plans to expand to e-commerce businesses in the future.

How does the coupon purchase become funding for my cause?

The amount given to the cause from each purchase is based on the coupon value:

  • Coupons with a value of less than $2.50: 70% is donated
  • Coupons with a price of between $2.50 and $7.50: The coupon price minus $0.75 is donated
  • Coupons with a value of greater than $7.50: 90% is donated

*minus payment processing fee

How much can this translate into donations for my cause?

Aidtree periodically sends an email to the supporters of a cause asking them to purchase at least 1 coupon per month. The average coupon price is $4.00 and the average donation from each purchase is $3.25.

The following is a sample of fundraising amounts, assuming all supporters purchase one coupon per month:

# of Cause Supporters$$ Raised per Month

Do I also save money on Aidtree?

Yes! Aidtree users automatically save money through the the use of their coupons. All prices are 50% of a coupon’s face value. For example, the following coupon shows that a supporter can receive a coupon worth $10 by paying only $5.

Titan shop coupon

Is there a purchase minimum for each coupon?

Yes. This gives businesses incentive to help both the causes and give discounts to their customers.

What is the processing system for Aidtree and is it secure?

Yes. This gives businesses incentive to help both the causes and give discounts to their customers.

Aidtree uses the payment system called Braintree, a PayPal subsidiary. It is the same system that companies such as Uber and AirBnB use, ensuring security. In these platforms money is deposited directly in the driver’s/host’s account, much like being deposited directly into a cause’s bank account.

What if I do not select a non-profit or school?

If no cause is chosen then the funds will go to Aidtree for operations.

Is there an app for Aidtree?

Although there will be one in the future, there is currently no mobile app associated with Aidtree.

How can my store participate?

An authorized store employee first needs to sign-up a individual account. They then can create a new business listing. They can start the process here.

Is there a delay between when I make a purchase and when it shows up for my cause?

The the website is programmed so money goes directly to the cause once the coupon is used.

Can I print my coupons to redeem them?

No, coupons can only be redeemed off of mobile devices. This is our method to conserve paper and simplify redemption.

What if I don’t use my coupon? How do I get my money back?

If the coupon/sub-coupons are not used within 30 days the money is refunded back to the supporter. Supporters can also request a refund on the coupon. Once the coupon or a sub-coupon is used the funds are swept to the cause.

What is a sub-coupon?

Some businesses sell items with low price points, such as drinks or sandwiches. These businesses can create a coupon book, which allows for multiple discounts on these lower priced items.

Frisco coupon

Where do I find a full list of the causes I can support on Aidtree?

You can search for causes based on your ZIP code or by entering your city and state. Note that currently Aidtree is only operating in the city of Fullerton and the surrounding area.

Can I donate to more than one cause?

Yes! You can support as many causes as you’d like. You can decide which cause to support with each individual coupon purchase. As of now it is not possible to split the funds from the purchase of a coupon to more than one cause at a time.

How can I spread the word about Aidtree?

You can spread the news of Aidtree by telling your friends, family, coworkers and peers about the site. You can also share our content on your social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What types of organizations are eligible to participate?

Non-profit organizations as well as school-sponsored clubs and causes can register to receive donations via Aidtree.

How do I know the cause is a valid one?

Aidtree will do its’ best to validate each cause listed on the platform. Unreal and illegally created causes are immediately removed from Aidtree. A good rule of thumb for ensuring your funds are going to a cause you truly support is to donate to organizations that are led by people that you know and trust.

How can I add a cause to your list?

An authorized cause officer first needs to create an individual account. They then go to Register A Cause and sign up. You can start the process here.

How is the money sent to my cause?

The money is sent automatically to the cause’s bank account once the coupon is used. The cash flow method is much like the way in which Uber drivers and AirBnb hosts receive funds.

How do I add a logo to my organization's profile?

There is an “edit” link where your avatar would be. There you can add an image or logo for your organization.