Q. How do I start raising money for my non-profit school organization?

A. Register your cause on Aidtree. When supporters also register and use their credit cards, the purchase is rounded up and donated to the cause.

Q. How is the money deposited in the bank?

A. If your cause has its own bank account, simply register on our platform using the routing number and bank account number. If your cause is binded with other organizations, let us know. Aidtree is able to distribute funds to the other account(s) if needed.

Q. Can I print my coupons to redeem them?

A. No, coupons can only be redeemed off of mobile devices. This is our method to conserve paper and simplify redemption.

Q. Can I donate to more than one cause?

A. Yes! You can support as many causes as you would like as long as a unique credit card is linked to each cause.

Q. What types of causes are able to participate?

A. Non-profit organizations as well as school-sponsored clubs and related causes.

Q. How is the money sent to my cause?

A. The money is sent automatically to the cause’s bank account via Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal. The process Aidtree uses is also used by Uber and AirBnB.

Q. What if a cause is part of a larger organization like a school?

A. Larger organizations, like schools, have sub-groups like clubs. Aidtree allows the sub-groups to raise money and donate under a main cause umbrella. The cause has 100% control over the sub-group and can track the funds for each sub-group as it enters the main cause’s bank account.